The Tricerchi Estate is situated on the north side of Montalcino and extends for 400 hectares, of which 13 are cultivated as vineyards. In the center stands the castle, rich in history.

Originally built in the 13th century, it was completed by the Tricerchi family in 1441. The lands, castle, and chapel, dedicated to the Virgin of the Veil and certified by the Papl Bull which is still visible, were maintained by the Tricerchi family until 1820. In 1982 the castle was declared an artistic and historical heritage site.

The vineyards are divided into 7 plots, La Vigna del Velo (named for the Virgin of the Veil), del Castello, di Sant’Anna, dei Cipressi, and del Piano.

The castle has a stable temperature throughout the year, thanks to strong construction and inner tubes underneath and above that allow the wine to age perfectly. Everything in this area of the castle has remained exactly as it was 600 years ago, in the preservation of tradition. After aging, the bottles complete their maturation in another area of the castle where it is dark and temperate, allowing the perfect atmosphere for the wine to meet the taste of those who appreciate these noble wines.

Brunello Di Montalcino

The Brunello shows the personality and nobility of the grape.  Handpicked in the Vigna del Lago and in the Vigna del Castello. 

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Rosso Di Montalcino

This Rosso shows the vigor of the grape and soil behind the castle.  

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